Collection: R&G Tank Traction Grips

Tank Grips, do you really need them?
They are not only for the track! They are available for all types of bikes, cruisers to adventure and sports bikes.
The connection between you and your bike is important for control and confidence whatever style of bike you ride.
At any time you need to grip the tank with your knees then tank grips offer a large improvement over a shiny slippy tank!
Instead of slipping and sliding on the tank you can feel attached to the bike and focus on the road.
They can improve cornering stability and stop you sliding down the tank under braking.
As well as the increased control, they offer paint protection and can help to limit damage from scratches / rubbing or tank bag attachment.
The benefits mean tank grips have proven popular for riders on all styles of bikes.
R&G Tank Traction Grips