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Cataclean PowerShot for Bikes Fuel / Exhaust System Cleaner Additive 250ml

Cataclean PowerShot for Bikes Fuel / Exhaust System Cleaner Additive 250ml

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Cataclean produce a range of ‘all in one’ cleaning products for your engine, fuel and exhaust system that can reduce a vehicle’s emissions, restore performance and improve fuel economy, they are widely recognised as a global market leader in the world of internal engine cleaning products.

Cataclean® PowerShot Bike 250ml

Recommended for all bikes from sports bikes/cruisers to scooters/mopeds and off road.

Remove the harmful carbon build-up in the valves, injectors and the entire exhaust system. Cataclean® PowerShot will restore power/torque and throttle response.

If a bike has been sat over the winter a Cataclean® PowerShot Bike treatment will help the bike to start and run better.

Easy-to-use: Pour entire contents of bottle into fuel tank and then ride normally for at least 15 minutes and refuel when necessary.

Please Note: For best results it is recommended to add one bottle of Cataclean® PowerShot Bike to approximately ¼ tank of fuel (5 litres).

Use Cataclean® PowerShot Bike 3-4 times per year for optimum performance. Also safe and effective in diesel engines.
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