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DataTag Motorbike Motorcycle Anti Theft ID Security Kit

DataTag Motorbike Motorcycle Anti Theft ID Security Kit

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Datatag Motorcycle Security & Registration Theft Deterrent System
- Electronic Security Identification System for Motorcycles

The Datatag motorcycle identification system has now been in use since April 1992 and there are currently over 500,000 motorcycles protected by Datatag in the UK. The theft rate on these tagged machines is less than a 10th of the rate before Datatag was developed and because of the large number of tagged machines now around, the whole theft picture for bikes has changed for the better.

Based around electronic transponders that provide an electronic 'finger print' to key components, the system also uses 'stealth' chemical etching and includes approximately 1000 Datadots® for minor components.

The best way to prevent your motorcycle being stolen in the first place is to have Datatag fitted when you buy the machine. Datatag's multi-layered electronic identification and anti-theft system enables the Police to identify the true owner of any Datatagged motorcycle, even if the number plate and standard identification numbers have been removed or changed.

Datatag has a fantastic success rate, and criminals are well aware that the CPS has never lost a court case in which Datatag has been used in evidence. As soon as thieves see the Datatag warning decals on your motorcycle they will usually leave it well alone and go looking for an easier target.

Bike Theft - The FACTS

  • Over 20,000 bikes stolen each year in the UK
  • Motorcycles are nearly 4 times more likely to be stolen than cars
  • 80% of bikes are stolen from outside homes
  • Without security marking a bike is significantly more likely to be stolen
  • Datatag systems offer a unique, multi-layered approach that makes life very difficult for  thieves! Something no other marking system can match.
  • The Datatag system’s state of the art visible and hidden identifiers combine with probably the most comprehensive and advanced database of its kind in the market today.
  • Owners of Datatagged motorcycles also benefit from reduced premiums from the major motorcycle specific insurers.
  • Datatag - the only system to offer class leading identification technologies and

ALL of the below benefits in one easy to install system:

  • 24/7 UK Secure Contact Centre - instant Police access to database via expert call handler
  • Roadside, immediate identification - no lengthy laboratory testing
  • Single cost - No annual fees
  • Unique registration number - one number / one bike
  • Transferable to new owner
  • 'Secured by Design' Accreditation - Police preferred specification

Datatag Motorcycle System Technology

Glass Tag Transponders
Glass Tag - This transponder is roughly the size of a grain of rice and can be easily installed. It contains a unique code number which is permanently programmed into it’s integrated circuit. The number cannot be altered or deleted.

Button Tag Transponders
This transponder is about the size of an aspirin and is one commonly used in harsh environments.

Tamper Evident Warning and Re-Registration Label
Specially designed decals warn off any potential thieves and are both attractive and impossible to remove without damage.

Warning Decal
These specially designed Datatag resin domed decals warn off any potential thieves and are both attractive and impossible to remove without damage

New UV Stealth Etching
New and improved system comprises a unique alpha numeric code and Datatag’s 24/7 contact details are permanently etched into the panels and fairings. They do not deface or interfere with the appearance or aesthetics of the Motorcycle because the etchings are visible under ultra violet or UV lighting and in most cases, cannot be seen in daylight conditions.

A superior microdot identification system developed for ease of use. The Datadots can be applied to any surface, thus making it virtually impossible for the criminals to locate and remove them all.

Datatag DNA
Is a unique chemical DNA solution. Each piece of plant or machinery will be protected with an invisible unique DNA code. Criminals will have to be confi dent they have removed every molecule of Datatag DNA. Datatag can supply this state-of-the-art DNA technology in paint, lacquer, glue, liquid, powder, grease, oil and a spray system.

Tamper Evident Warning and Re-Registration Label
Specially designed decals warn off any potential thieves and are both attractive and impossible to remove without damage.

IMPORTANT: Each Datatag system is carefully designed and pre-registered for specific products and can ONLY be insurance approved if fitted to the correct product. If you purchase a Datatag system but fit it to a different product (e.g. a marine system fitted to a bicycle or a hand tool system fitted to a motorcycle), datatag will not be able to register the product or provide registration documentation. Please ensure you purchase the correct Datatag system for the item you wish to protect.

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