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Kaoko Cruise Control Throttle Lock Stabiliser for Honda see description

Kaoko Cruise Control Throttle Lock Stabiliser for Honda see description

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KAOKO - Simple and Intuitive Throttle Stabiliser

To fit:

Honda CB1000R 2018
Honda CB1100F 2013 - 2014
Honda CB125R 2021 - 2022
Honda CB500F 2013 - 2022
Honda CB500X 2013 - 2021
Honda CB650F 2014 - 2019
Honda CBR250R 2011 - 2013
Honda CBR300F 2013 - 2019
Honda CBR300R 2013 - 2019
Honda CBR500R 2013 - 2022
Honda CBR650R 2021 - 2022
Honda CTX700 2013 - 2021
Honda CTX700 DCT 2013 - 2021
Honda CTX700 N 2013 - 2021
Honda CTX700 ND 2013 - 2021
Honda Integra Scooter 2012 - 2016
Honda NC700 2012 - 2016
Honda NC700X 2012 - 2016
Honda NC750 2013 - 2022

A throttle stabilizer is a throttle controlling mechanism that enables the rider to secure their throttle to a desired opening or setting.

Main features:
Greatly reduces rider fatigue and strain on hand and wrist.

Whilst cruising, rider is able to remove hand from throttle grip, throttle opening will remain as set.

Very simple to operate, even with heavy winter gloves.

High quality, compact and durable design, super smooth action.

Less wear and tear on throttle cables and linkages. Can result in reduced fuel consumption.

Very little maintenance is required.

Takes less than 5 minutes to fit.

Simple Operation:
To Engage - Whilst rolling on the throttle, the friction nut can be gripped between your small finger and palm of your hand. This action tightens the nut and provides sufficient friction to set throttle to the desired opening. (The friction is such that the rider may still open and close the throttle. It simply has a slight rotational resistance to it.)

To Disengage - Whilst rolling off the throttle, grip the friction nut between your small finger and palm of your hand. The throttle should open and snap closed freely when correctly disengaged.

Disclaimer - It is advised that the use of the Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer / Cruise Control is at the sole risk of the rider and by his/her decision to use it he/she does indemnify the manufacturers or organisers, their agents, employees and officers against any claim (including consequential loss) or action by them, their dependants or any other third party arising out of any loss, damage, injury or death suffered. Fitting should only be performed by a competent motorcycle mechanic and with full sight and comprehension of the enclosed fitting instructions.

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